YEKINDAR E1660245750149
Credit: Dreamhack

Before YEKINDAR, the core of Virtus.Pro was a slow playing the team. The roster heavily relied on the picks of AWP’er Jame, much like Natus Vincere did with Guardian before s1mple.

But, with the removal of AdreN, the team picked up YEKINDAR to begin the new era of the team.

YEKINDAR throws crazy aggression into the mix to create pandemonium on the map. While the team plays around Jame’s AWP still, they also take map control with the Latvian player.

With the mix of the two styles, it is extremely hard for other teams to keep up as they never know what to fully expect.

If Virtus.Pro keep up their current style, they have a great chance of making a deep run of the tournament.

Aggression in Counter-Strike

While arT is widely regarded as the most aggressive player, YEKINDAR is giving him a run for his money. In a best-of-three series against Furia, arT had 12 opening kills against paiN across two maps.

In comparison, YEKINDAR had double that in his two best-of-ones today.

He is truly bringing about a new dynamic style in Counter-Strike and assisting Virtus.Pro in becoming a heavy contender for the PGL major.

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