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How to use a Temporary Shelter in Farthest Frontier

In Farthest Frontier temporary shelters is a great feature to keep your villagers working far from home happy and safe, but gamers are trying to find out how to use them.

This short guide will inform you of everything you need to know to use the temporary shelters in the new sim colony game Farthest Frontier.

The shelters in Farthest Frontier unlock after leveling up your Town Center to Tier 2.

But they need some planning to work; otherwise, they will stay empty. Empty shelters will still get resources from the wagons, which is not an effective use of time while unused.

In Farthest Frontier, your villagers can work far from home. But they will need a temporary shelter.

Using temporary shelters in Farthest Frontier

In Farthest Frontier, your villagers mainly use temporary shelters during the cold months. They will be looking for shelter when the snow starts falling. During these months, you want to have a temporary shelter close to the resources that are far away from your village.

These typically consist of working camps, hunter and forager cabins, sand and clay pits – and gold, iron, and coal mines.

Tips to use Farthest Frontier:

  • Use temporary shelters far away from home
  • Pay attention to raiders and bears attacking your shelters
  • Build defense towers around your temporary shelter

But it is important to note that these buildings must be quite far away from your village to use. Otherwise, your villager will walk home, and the resources you invested in the temporary shelters are useless.

Your villagers will also need water at the temporary shelter, so you should build a well close to the shelter instead of wagons transporting it.

Temporary shelters in Farthest Frontier are impacted by desirability, just like houses. Unlike houses, they can not level up with better desirability, but your villagers won’t move in if it is too low. So do not put the shelters to close undesirable buildings.

Additional advice

Defenses around protect your villagers from raiders and predators. But your villagers working far outside the village won’t be able to run to safety in time. Therefore, having an outpost around your temporary shelter in Farthest Frontier is useful. This way, your villagers might be able to escape in time and fend off the attacking party.

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