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How to unlock Orion camo in Modern Warfare II

In this article, we will teach you how to unlock Orion camo in Modern Warfare II, and to be brutally honest, very few get this far; not many of you will survive much longer.

If you don’t already know: Orion is the final obtainable mastery camouflage within Modern Warfare II, making it the most challenging and time-consuming.

Nevertheless, camouflage is obtainable and relatively easy to achieve, but it will take a lot of time if you haven’t already begun your journey to greatness.

Once you unlock Orion, you will own the most prestigious camo within the game; it will turn heads and attract verbal abuse from salty enemies who die by your hand.

How to unlock Orion
Infinity Ward

How to unlock Orion

In order to unlock Orion on whatever weapon you desire, there are some previous steps that you have to take. Being unlocking Gold, Platinum, and Polyatomic camo on every single weapon within the game, this is going to take more than a lot of time.

By unlocking all the other mastery camos, you will unlock the ability to complete a series of challenges across every weapon on Modern Warfare that will need to be completed to get Orion on each firearm, but that’s not all.

After unlocking these camouflages on every weapon, you can start grinding for the Orion camo on whatever gun you desire. All you have to do is check the challenge you have to complete. Each challenge will be different for each weapon, and it will take several hours to finish every firearm.

How to unlock Orion
Infinity Ward

How to unlock Orion fast

The most effective method to unlock Orion would most likely be the same method to unlock Polyatomic; most of you are aware of the best techniques; if not, here’s how:

Once you unlock all other mastery camos and focus strictly on the Orion challenges, you want to try and centre yourself on general quick-play playlists. This is because they are fast pace and focus on fast-changing objectives in a restricted space.

You will strictly aim to complete challenges; you no longer need to worry about levelling anything up. Those days are over. You will have to seek your focus on not dying, finishing objectives, and completing anything the challenges ask of you.

Domination and hardpoint will be the best game modes for this, as you can quickly complete required tasks in a fast-paced match; whether it’s getting mounted kills or three-kill streaks, it’ll be much better done in a domination match over the invasion.