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How to solve all Kronos Islands challenges in Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers‘ starting area, Kronos Islands, is a summer breeze. But it may not be if you are a completionist or are after 100% as a hardcore gamer. Do we still use that term? Anyway, in this guide, we have separated the solutions to all the Kronos Island challenges in Sonic Frontiers. Check it out here how to solve ’em!

Just step in the three ancient switches. It doesn’t demand any particular order.

Run around the three torches using the cyloop. You can do it individually or make a giant loop. No particular order is needed as well.

Hit all five lanterns without touching the ground.

Just run across the light panels in no particular order.

Hit all the platforms to climb them and step on the switch located on the more elevated platform.

Hit the compass-like statue and run straight across the map toward the goal. You don’t need to catch any shortcuts since there’s plenty of time.

Jump on the wheel and run like no other hedgehog has in a hamster wheel.

Run across the flowers using the cyloop to cut them. You need to do it only some at a time, so you’re good if you miss it.

Activate the pillar with the cyloop, then climb and run (with the cyloop activated) around the flame in the highest platform.

Hamster time! Jump on the wheel and energize that thing.

Jump on the light panels and wait for the green ones. You have to reach them with the evade button (L/R) without missing seven times in a row.

As you hit the compass, you see this is a more distant goal. But there’s also plenty of time. Climb the peak catching the vertical path, and jump springs and rails to reach the peak. If you’re struggling, train the route in advance.

Jump on the platforms and step on the switches. Easy peasy.

Cyloop around all the trees with its trunks glowing.

Cyloop again around the glowing gem-like stuff that will appear after you run around them in the area. The last one is above the round-shaped house.

Follow the light panels by starting from the left.

Cyloop to activate it, then hit the ball to score a beautiful goal.

Activate the timer and follow the rings. They will lead you to success.

Cyloop to activate, then shoot the ball.


Sonic Frontiers Kronos Island M-020 challenge solution image guide

Activate the compass, then follow the path of the rings. They’re your best friends. Aww.

Jump and hit the platforms to reach them, then climb them all.

Activate the compass and cyloop around the glowing thing on the ground. Be mindful of the one in the highest platform since it is the easiest to oversee.

Cyloop around the stash of leaves, then step on the platform.

Precisely like the M-011 challenge.

Enjoy the area now. Or not. There is also other stuff to 100%, which you can read here!