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Effortless Progression

How to rank up fast in Modern Warfare 2

With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s recent release, new questions about the meta, strategy, and how to rank up fast appear in everyone’s minds. Let’s face it, none of us want to remain at a low level; it’s time to rise and grind to unlock the best guns and maximize enjoyability.

We want to use the higher ranking weapons and have diverse customization options for those weapons, except we can’t because we are a low level. Realistically, we should play the game slowly and enjoy everything for what it is, but we have waited far too long to be patient and hold back.

Although the game has only been out less than two days, there isn’t much information available. Hopefully, after following our recommendations, you can easily breeze through the ranks while defeating your enemies.

how to rank up in modern warfare 2
Infinity Ward

Play Kill Confirmed

Kill Confirmed is the best and easiest way to rank up fast in Modern Warfare 2 by far. In this game mode, you receive XP from killing enemies, and additional XP from collecting their tag or from collecting a fallen comrade’s tag.

You will receive 100XP from kills, 75XP from an enemies tag, and an additional 25XP from picking up a fallen teammate’s tag; it’s a constant flow of XP, but that’s not all.

To gain additional XP from this game mode, you are going to need to change your killstreaks into scorestreaks and then select the following scorestreaks:

  • UAV
  • Counter-UAV
  • Cruise Missile

Within five kills, you will receive all of your scorestreaks; additionally adds even more XP to your account – every time a teammate gets a kill while your UAV is active, you receive a further 10XP, and if your Counter-UAV is also live, the XP will up to 20XP.

Infinity Ward

Complete the Daily Challenges

Daily challenges are available for you, the player, to complete within multiplayer and cooperative modes. Challenges will be released to you every twenty-four hours. This is awesome, considering you can potentially grind the challenges and play kill confirmed at the same time.

These challenges will be relatively easy to complete and won’t disrupt your gaming plans for the day too much. They often take around five minutes of in-game attention to complete, and you will usually gain 2500XP per challenge you complete, making this method very easy and accessible.

Here are a few examples of Daily challenges:

  • Get 5 Operator kills with LMGs
  • Win a game of Team Death Match
  • Get 10 operator Kills using Tracker Perk

As you can see, these challenges will not cause much disruption: it’s an easy 10,000 XP gain per day. Once completing all the main challenges, you will receive a bonus task, an excellent opportunity to gain another 2500XP at the expense of an easy task.