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How to get Vault keys and Memory Tokens in Sonic Frontiers

Vault Keys in Sonic Frontiers are collectibles that unlock Chaos Emeralds, or miracle gems, from Vaults. Possessing these stones gives the user incredible powers, such as the ability to warp time and space, or power machines which help you take down Titans.

These keys are necessary to advance in the Frontiers story, and for Sonic to transform into his golden Super Sonic form. Keep in mind that these keys can’t be carried over between islands, so each time you travel to a new area you’ll have to collect new ones to unlock the local chaos emeralds. 

Vault keys Sonic Frontiers
Sonic Team

How to get Vault Keys

Completing the Cyberspace mini-game is the easiest way to earn Vault keys. A single mission stage can grant you several keys – a stage comprises four separate goals, each of which gets you a key. Simply clearing the mini game earns you a key, and so will finding all the red rings in the stage.

You can get one more by finishing the mini-game with a specified number of rings, and another if you clear it with the Rank S time. Completing all four goals will unlock bonus keys as well.

You can also obtain Vault Keys by digging up signposts across the Frontier’s islands. The location will be indicated by a glowing blue signpost, so what you need to do is form a ring around the post with your Cyloop. This will give you a variety of goodies, which could include a key.

Vault keys Sonic Frontiers
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Big the Cat’s fishing mini-game grants you keys too. Catching fish earns you points, and you can use those to redeem a number of items including Vault Keys. a single key can be redeemed for 15 points. Sometimes, defeating enemies around the Star Islands can earn you keys too. 

How to get Memory Tokens

Memory tokens are little heart-shaped jewels that you’ll encounter at the start of the game, and you can use them to free Sonic’s friends from Cyber Cages across the various islands. These include Amy’s Memory Tokens, Knuckles’ Memory Token, Tails’ Memory Tokens and Sage’s Memory Tokens. Since each token is unique to each friend and island, you can’t carry them over across islands.

Vault keys Sonic Frontiers
Sonic Team

These tokens are all marked on the map, so you can follow each marker to claim them. We’ve outlined more efficient ways for you to get your hands on them as well.

The Cyloop is a handy tool that can be used to dig up the tokens in a specific area. All you need to do is activate the Cyloop in an open zone and run around in circles, and eventually you’ll dig up a variety of items including that region’s token.

Just like with the Vault keys, you can obtain the local token by digging up a glowing signpost when you see one. Points earned from the fishing-game can win you tokens as well, and they cost five points each. 

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