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How to get gold guns in Modern Warfare 2

A new Call of Duty always means new gold guns, except, how do you get gold guns in the new Modern Warfare 2, and will it be hard to achieve or a long process?

The short answer is yes. The previous Modern Warfare (2019) made sure that we all suffered immensely when trying to obtain any finalist camouflage.

Except this Modern Warfare has quite clearly made a much more immersive and diverse weapon experience for each gun, making the process more enjoyable.

Without further ado, here is how to unlock gold weapons in Modern Warfare 2.

To unlock gold camo on Modern Warfare 2, you must complete a series of time-consuming challenges to achieve the golden camouflage for your weapon.

For instance, if you want to achieve gold camo on your M4, you will need to go into gunsmith, select the M4, hit customize, camo, and then see the challenges.

Each challenge you complete will unlock a new camouflage, and once you have completed every challenge, therefore getting all the weapon’s camos.

Once you have successfully obtained every camo, the golden camouflage will automatically unlock. This will be seen under the weapon mastery camouflage tab.

Modern Warfare Gold Guns


The difference between the last Modern Warfare (2019) and the newest title is the requirements to complete the challenges in order to obtain the gold camo.

For example, to obtain the “Desert Snake” camo challenge for the P890 pistol, you will need to get the “RAPP H” rifle to level two.

When getting the “RAPP H” rifle to level two, you won’t unlock the camouflage for the P890. You will unlock the challenge to obtain the “Desert Snake” camo.

This doesn’t sound very clear, but you will need to complete a separate challenge to unlock the camo challenge, which will finally give you the camouflage.

Essentially you are completing two challenges per weapon. The more you play the game and use different weapons, the more you will notice you have already completed the first challenge.

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