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How to get Faceit level 10 & Global Elite in CS:GO

I, William “S0mple” Dowey, am here to assist you in your voyage on how to get Faceit level 10/Global Elite in CS. Which is a lot easier said than done, that is for sure!

You’ve likely found this article after you rage quit, lost a match, or faced the wrath of dead teammates for not acing a 1vs5.

Here are some ways to help you climb the ranks and begin your journey to becoming a much better player than you are today. Which is what matters, right?

1. Utility

It’s necessary to familiarise yourself with the essential utility of each map in the current map pool. 

You have to learn every smoke, flash, Molotov, and grenade, but you must know how to use at least one utility line-up on each site per map, including mid. 

This may seem like a lot, but to get to the high ranks, you need to put that little more effort in; If you don’t, someone else will. Especially in Faceit level 10 or Global Elite!

Just for clarity on utility usage, we all remember the Summit1g Molotov clip…

2. Practise maps

Practice maps are essential to advancing through the ranks. They help train your overall ability and confidence within a game scenario. 

Steam offers some well-designed practice maps to target the more competitive CSGO players; especially the “YPRAC” maps. These maps help you practice aim, peeking, site defense, site attack, wall bangs, utility, etc.

The “YPRAC” series creator has created a practice map for every map in the current pool. 

Link to steam workshop playlist here!

3. Be honest with yourself!


Now, being slightly naive in CSGO is entirely understandable. We all want to be the best at the game, but it’s essential to understand where your performance can fall short.

For example, if you’re comfortable with the AK-47, don’t spend hours tapping heads with it on a warmup map. Instead, find what your least worthy ability is and practice that. 

It’s important to stay skilled at your stronger points, but developing your weak side will help you in the long run.

4. Practice times – to reach global


Practice isn’t always well-optimized for a long duration. The mind becomes tired, and you reach a point of diminishing returns. 

It’s essential to set small daily goals for practice rather than times. This will help to ensure that you progress every day and don’t repeat a pointless practice.

Hitting one thousand AWP flicks every day won’t benefit your ability whatsoever. Practice is better consistently over days rather than crammed in all at once.

5. Finding faceit teammates

Over my three-thousand hours of gameplay, I’ve found that solo-queuing is a waste of time if you want to consistently progress.

You won’t be matched with players with a like-minded team every game. Some players will throw, chat, joke around or even die, silently, with no comms. 

Therefore, finding teammates with a similar mindset is essential. You can motivate one another and guarantee you have willing teammates and a fair chance to win every game. 

A complete set of teammates eliminates the chance of a terrible team and ensures communication, willingness, and motivation—all things the enemy squad probably won’t have.

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