Dress your cats

How to get clothes in Cats and Soup

A few cat-platformer games have surged in popularity over the last couple of years, and this pretty title with its Studio-Ghibli-esque visuals is one of them. Cats and Soup is an aesthetic idle game that involves, you guessed it, cats cooking soup.

A player can equip their cats with hats, clothes, and other accessories that have passive effects on their activities. These have a direct impact on their production rates. Let’s take a look at how to get clothes in Cats and Soup.

How to get clothes in Cats and Soup
Credit: HIDEA

Get clothes through daily missions

Depending on the season, players can complete daily missions to receive rewards, which can vary between food, tickets, clothing, and furniture.

During different seasons in Cats & Soup players can complete daily missions to receive seasonal rewards, which often include clothing.

These rewards can include food, tickets, clothing, and furniture. Plays also have the option to redeem rewards from daily bonus missions, provided special events are active in the game. Once again, these rewards can range from a variety of items, clothing among them.

You can also purchase a premium pass for Cats & Soup. It costs $11.99 and gives you 1000 gems, 500 furniture coins, and 2 additional chances at the fish pond and claw machine. Along with this, the pass also unlocks premium clothing rewards.


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Get clothes from the treasure chest

The Treasure Chest is the easiest way to get clothes in Cats and Soup. These aren’t free, though. Click on the hammer icon, tap Function, and then Treasure Chest. Tap on the Treasure Chest, and select the chest icon. 

You can watch an ad for 30 seconds to open a chest, and win cat hats, clothes and accessories. However, you can only watch 3 ads in 60 seconds. After that, you need to wait for the chest to refresh, which could take between 9-10 hours. You can also open a chest instantly with blue gems, which need to be purchased in-game.


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Get clothes by logging in daily

If you log in diligently every day for a week, you can claim rewards that include costumes and accessories. Every day that you play Cats and Soup, you get a free bonus.

Bonuses can include costumes and accessories as well as gold hearts, gems, and decorations. You can tap the Free Gift icon to get your daily rewards.