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How to find the best players in FIFA 23 Youth Academy

Young prospects are often overlooked in FIFA 23’s manager career mode. Still, it can be an excellent alternative if you learn how to find the best players at Youth Academy. And about that, we got you.

But only if you didn’t inject US$ 1 billion into your team’s budget from the very first day of your career mode. Like you’re an EA Sports version of a Saudi prince or something. Suppose you chose that option at the beginning of your management. In that case, we recommend seeing our top wonderkids transfer on career mode!

But if you prefer to keep your feet on the ground and simulate life’s difficulties and bits of joy, your club could end up with exciting young promises. Those players could lend you that $1 billion later on player sales. After a lot of sales, though. Anyway, here is how to find the best young prospects in FIFA 23’s Career Mode Young Academy.

best players Youth Academy
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Scout greatly, discover the top ones

Youth Academy’s main feature orbits around scouts. They are, after all, responsible for bringing you excellent insight on how to find the best players in the Youth Academy from three to nine months on your team’s calendar. It is recommended to start scouting for three months to try and build a solid pool of youth players.

In FIFA 23, scouts have two stats: experience and judgment, that range from one to five stars. Experience relates to the number of players per monthly report, and judgment is about how precise the player rating predictions are and how many top players are in the monthly report.

From that, you will send the scouts out to search by some criteria. Countries are not as important a parameter. Focus on any type if you don’t feel like overthinking about what you want. Or if you wish for specific players, good choices are physically strong, dominant players on the field, and goalkeepers. This is because some types don’t seem to bring the characteristics the player selects. C’mon EA…

best players Youth Academy

Keep an eye for the stars

At this point, you will need to pay attention to a specific parameter: the player’s maximum potential, which appears right next to his actual rating. Hire players that have a total potential of at least 90.

The second aspect you can look at is the minimum potential. Naturally, the higher, the better. But a good indicator of discovering a real star is its price. Or do you think some of these teams will not profit from their prospects who have been kick-ups since they were six months old? Therefore, targeting players with a high signing price for the youth team is, without a doubt, one of the best investments in the game.

After that, just let the youngsters train, and make sure not to promote them too early to the central team. This can reduce their maximum potential and how much money (or quality) you can lose if you don’t put them on the first team.

And with that, you have the best possible scenario to perhaps discover the next CR7, M10, R9, or any other letter followed by a number. Which seems like yet another good indicator of superstardom.

best players Youth Academy
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