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How do I play Zombie mode in CS:GO?

We have all seen zombie clips from CSGO, and many of us have wondered”how do I play zombie mode in CS:GO?”

Hopefully, after today you can lock, load, and kill some undead terrorists on CS:GO.

And you’ll be glad to hear you can do this for free!

How to play

If it wasn’t already obvious, there isn’t actually a designated Valve CS:GO zombie playlist or server.

All zombie game modes will be modded and run by communities which will be found within the community browser on CSGO.

You play this by simply finding a server on the community server integrated browser and joining one.

There are many known zombie CSGO servers in the community, such as the most well-known: “axonek3.”

If you don’t like this community, you can search “CSGO zombie servers” on Google, and a vast selection will appear.

You will not typically have to download any external items outside of CSGO, though it may download some maps and assets within the game.

And, if you are told to, make sure you triple-check how safe the download is because it might be a virus!

CS:GO Zombie Game modes


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Within the CS:GO zombie category, there are different game modes.

The most popular one is known as “zombie escape.”

This is pretty self-explanatory. You escape to salvation from a horde of zombies.

There is also “zombie survival,” which is like COD Zombies. You essentially try and survive as long as possible before dying.

In zombie survival and escape, once you die, you can become a zombie and aid the horde in murdering the players trying to survive.

Just remember, guys, this might act as training in real life for how the world is going right now!