Credit: Riot Games

Horrorshow: Swain’s rework wreaks havoc post-rework, gets buffed in hotfix

Guess who will make an appearance as a guaranteed pick/ban champion in any lane? Meet Rito Riot Games’ latest rework, Swain.

Swain’s changes are small, yet noticeable for avid mains: his E—Nevermove inherited the passive’s soul rip and pull, and his other spells work mostly as they used to be.

However, his new Ultimate— is breaking any semblance of game balance as it amplifies his other spells and is utterly out of control the longer Swain bathes in his enemies’ blood stays near enemies.

As is, if he is near an enemy, he cannot descend from his Demon / Dragon / Big Bird of Doom form because the rate at which he gains Demon Power (20 per enemy) is much higher than the maximum rate of decay (15).

Make sure to buy LS’s least favorite item circa 2019, Morellonomicon, whenever you see that guy against you. Or whatever item allows for cancelling Swain’s insane healing.

And make sure to fear him as his recent hotfix gave him even more movement speed and base stats.

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