Hexflash Disabled Across All Competitions due to Game-breaking Bug

Riot Games have deactivated the Hexflash rune across all competitive League of Legends scene following a LPL game on June 8. The leagues announced the decision separately, the LEC announcing it ahead of the season’s start on June 11.


Hexflash’s disabling has massive repercussions on the support champion pool and will cause significant issues ahead of the LEC’s first week of action. Indeed, several engage supports use the rune to great effect (e.g.: Leona, Alistar, Sett, and to lesser extents Nautilus and Thresh). With some of them out of the picture temporarily, Enchanter supports (such as Seraphine and Nami) may see playing time, provided teams adjust their practice in such a short notice.

The first instance of the bug in competitive play occurred in Game 3 of the matchup between Edward Gaming and Bilibili Gaming. With EDG’s bot lane towerdiving BLG’s support (Biubiu, on Sett), Biubiu’s cast his Ultimate on EDG Meiko’s Leona as the latter was channeling Hexflash.

With Hexflash suddenly interrupted and on cooldown, and as Flash’s cooldown was restored, the game did not allow Meiko to use either of them, leading to a remake. EDG eventually won the game, but the bug needed to be addressed across the world.

YouTuber Vandiril, who previously exposed the bug, had his own take on the issue:


Although Riot Games could have disabled Sett, LEC commissioner Maximillian “MAXTheX” Peter Schmidt highlighted, but the problem extended to Hexflash overall, not solely to Sett.


Image source: Riot Games

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