Heroic is the first team locked in for the semifinal at the PGL Stockholm Major. They beat in 2-1.

Stylistically, and Heroic are on opposite sites of the aggression spectrum. Heroic like to proactively take map control and box their opponents into passive positions. thrive when they can stand back, as they often let the clock run down before using YEKINDAR’s speed to enter a site late.

On Mirage, the aggressive team ended up on top. Refrezh and sjuush were lethal in the opening duels, while YEKINDAR lacked luck in several crucial situations.

Heroic played a solid CT side and managed to make suffer once they could dictate the pace on the offense. The map, picked by ended with 16-10 in favor of the Danes.

Coming into the Champions stage, had remained vague about Ancient. They said, on broadcast, that they had invested a lot of time on the map. The second map of this series proved that the statement was not just bluff.

As Jame ruled the server, finishing with 28 frags to his name and getting a 1.55 HLTV rating, the Russian stole back Heroic’s pick.

Heroic prevail on Inferno

Image: PGL

With the third map being Inferno, the fans were treated to the ultimate decider to close out the series. Heroic had a strong start to the map, and managed to carry on the momentum until well into the second half. Once they reached match point, woke up and started a comeback, but Heroic had too many opportunities to convert the win. At 15-12, their time had come, and Heroic locked in the semifinal spot with a great A defense.