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Team up

Here are some League of Legends communities you could join

Staying up to date with everything related to League of Legends can be a lot of work, and this is where communities come in handy. 

There are many big communities out there that fans can join to stay in the loop with in-game updates, esports news, or meet like-minded people who also like the game – some that don’t come directly from solo queue ready to threaten you or flame you. 

Whether you stick to the game, or you like to stay up-to-date with the esports scene, there are plenty of relevant communities out there. Some of them will include your usual meme-friendly culture, whereas others could be useful to create new friendships.

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The variety of communities out there is significant, and the most common ones are forum sites and social media channels, which many LoL enthusiasts browse daily. 

Other communities are specific to an individual, such as streamers or content creators. These can also be related to professional players, as many big pros have built fanbases and communities around their brand. 

League of Legends’ official subreddit and others

The one that most of us know, and to which many have a love-hate relationship, is the official LoL subreddit.

By far the biggest community, it includes everything LoL-related. Threads range from general game news to esports and funny highlights, to discussions around the game and professional scene—potentially even some frustration posts. Nobody likes Yuumi there.

If the official subreddit isn’t for you, then fear not as there are other subreddits: the LoL Esports subreddit for the competitive lovers, Summoner’s School for those who want to educate themselves further, and pretty much a subreddit for any champion in the game. We see you, Ryze mains.

Ryze mains have had a tough time among League of Legends communities - but they're a wholesome bunch.
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Your favorite Twitch streamer and content creator(s)

Moving away from Reddit forums, some of the most significant LoL communities often revolve around streamers or content creators. These are often streamers on Twitch or YouTube who play live in front of their viewers or creators who make videos for YouTube. 

These types of communities often target entertainment and, in some cases, educational value; moreover, they present ways that people can meet each other. You will probably recognize names such as Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp, Simon “Thebausffs” Hofverberg, and other personalities who have successfully built big communities around their stream and YouTube. 

Others could be either current or former professional players. Peter “Doublelift” Peng, Martin “Rekkles” Larson, Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi, and the list goes on.

What they have in common: their live chats, often great sources of memes and entertainment on their own.

Discord LoL communities to meet new buddies to play with

Discord is an excellent way to get involved with a community and meet other players. There are many Discord communities out there that help people find teammates, be it for some casual normal or ARAM games or to play seriously as a team on Clash and beyond. 

The smart thing about Discord is its use: communicating through voice chat while gaming. As such, LoL-related Discord servers fit perfectly to pair people up and quickly jump into a game together without any trouble. 

With plenty of LoL-related communities out there and their different purposes, you can pick the ones that suit you best and get involved.