Hen & Queasy win EU Chapter 3 Season 1 Grand Finals

After months of waiting and another month of competition, the Chapter 3 Season 1 FNCS is in the books for EU.

This one was a nail biter, going into the last game with the top three separated by only five points.

In the end, it was Hen and Queasy - mostly Hen - who were able to stand strong with a victory royale to seal their fate.

Here's a recap of the second day of competition. If you want to see how things looked heading into the day, you can view our recap here.

Epic Games

Game winners

Game wins aren't everything. If they were, then Pinq and Anas would be in first place instead of eighth - after winning three games.

In fact, Kiryache and Stormyrite finished second with 0 wins, and Hen could have died in the top-two and still won.

Regardless, it's interesting to see which teams were able to pad their points with some last-second clutches.

Here are all of the winners from all 12 games:

Day 1

  • Game 1 winner: Vortex & JannisZ
  • Game 2 winner: NeFrizushaFN & Sileo Karmy
  • Game 3 winner: Pinq & Anas
  • Game 4 winner: BenjyFishy & MrSavage
  • Game 5 winner: DKS & BadSnipR
  • Game 6 winner: Pinq & Anas

Day 2

  • Game 7 winner: JannisZ & Vortex
  • Game 8 winner: Rezon ay & Vadeal
  • Game 9 winner: Th0masHD & Tayson
  • Game 10 winner: Rezon ay & Vadeal
  • Game 11 winner: Pinq & Anas
  • Game 12 winner: Hen & Queasy

Final standings

Pinq and Anas were barely in first place to start the day, leading Grolzz and Psycho Klown by only two points.

As expected, day two shuffled the leaderboard. Hen & Queasy (4th to start) and TaySon & Th0masHD (7th to start) showed how important consistency is in the FNCS, bringing the heat in day 2 and securing a battle for the win heading into the final game.

It looked to be a three-horse race going into game 12, with the top three teams separated by only five points.

Unfortunately for the rest of the region, Hen and Queasy are built different. TaySon and Th0masHD fell in the mid-game, leaving only two teams to compete for first.

Queasy went down as well, but Hen is a demon. He solo clutched the final game to put a bow on this season's FNCS.

Here's a look at the top 20 of the EU FNCS.

Hen and Queasy took it by 45 points, but that doesn't tell the story of how close this was. They were only up by a few points before Hen's insane clutch in game 12.