SK Gaming are winning the offseason, albeit differently than expected: they need your help, and it is an extremely serious matter. Your mission, if you accept it, is to like the following tweet, at least until it reaches 5,000 likes. Upon succeeding, we will have our first edition of the SK Teletubbies in the LEC.

It is already past half-way into its target.

In case there is any doubt that SK would deliver, the team has converted its players into Power Rangers (see: a bit of scrolling later), junglers gods farmers saying “it ain’t much, but it’s honest work,” singers (avert your ears), and a few more antics that would make G2’s content team blush a little.

Although we can’t be certain what roles each player will occupy in the SK Teletubbies, we insist on the following:

  • Treatz: Tinky-winky because Treatzy-treatzy has a fun ring to it
  • Gilius: the sun as befits GodGilius

But nothing will happen without enough likes. So, for those among us who love to watch the world burn want to watch things that spark joy, we must do our part.

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