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Hasan calls Britanny Venti unattractive in front of 40k viewers

Twitch streamer Hasan Doğan Piker called fellow streamer Britanny Venti unattractive and shamed her appearance.

The popular Turkish-American Twitch streamer shamed Britanny Venti’s appearance live on stream in front of 40k viewers, all the while making her drawing on Microsoft Paint.

Hasan even mocked the chatters on his Twitch stream — a behaviour supposedly seen as misogynistic by the community.

He called Britanny “hot” and went on to mock his chatters in an attempt to demean her. He said, “Chat, don’t get too turned on now, don’t do it chat.”

Hasan Britanny Venti drama
Photo: Screenshot from Britanny’s stream

Hasan attacks Britanny for the majority of the segment for her beliefs, aside from telling his chat they are “too horny” for any woman talking about politics.

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Why is Hasan making such comments about Britanny Venti?

Hasan and Britanny have opposite political views. The former is a left-wing political supporter while the latter endorses right-wing political ideologies. He said, “Maybe it’s because I know enough about her political views that I can’t overcome that.”

He is known to take a diss at people endorsing right-wing politics.

Ironically, both streamers are controversial.

Hasan has made remarks about watching cops get stomped, kicked, beaten and assaulted. He said, “If it saddens your heart when you see these little piglets get dragged like this then ask yourself… who do you think threw the first punch.”

On the other hand, Britanny is accused of being a neo-nazi sympathizer. She has also called African people “low IQ” and “ugly”.


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