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Has Boogie2988 been permanently banned by Twitch?

Steven “Boogie2988” Williams has been banned from Twitch in a wacky twist to an apparent sexual content crackdown.

The Amazon-owned streaming platform briefly updated its policy on sexual content, relaxing the rules on things like twerking and displays of artistic nudity. Many streamers, including Boogie2988, immediately attempted to push the limits of the new policy. Despite the vagueness of the policy and the newness of the changes, many streamers have been hit with lengthy bans.

While some were seemingly earnest in exploring new styles of content, others were clearly attempting to be absurd. Most regard Boogie2988’s Twitch ban as an example of the latter and at the moment, his streaming career is seemingly in limbo.

Why was Boogie2988 banned from Twitch?

Boogie2988’s ban from Twitch seemingly stems from him appearing fully nude on-air.

The streamer states he was testing the limits of the new Twitch policy by engaging in the “censor bar” trend as part of the meta of the platform. This sees streamers seemingly appear on-air completely naked, with censor bars being the only thing keeping them from running afoul of Twitch’s policy. Boogie2988 took this a step further by appearing on-stream fully nude.

In a video on Twitter, Boogie2988 responded to this news by accusing Twitch of being ableist and stating that the only thing visible was his “loose skin.” He then continued to defend his actions by posting a video to corroborate these claims by stripping naked and demonstrating that his skin sags low enough to hang below his pelvis. The Twitch rules use the pelvis as a guideline for where streamers must be clothed, but the rules also explicitly ban complete nudity.

Boogie2988 added that the actual stream was only for 3 minutes, that it had about 20 viewers, and that he believed that no minors were watching the stream because of that. stated that the motive for this stream was to get Twitch to review its sexual content policy, something that has caused other creators to be banned too.

When will Boogie2988 return to Twitch?

It’s unclear how long Boogie2988 will be banned on Twitch, as information regarding the length of his ban has not been given.  Other streamers have returned to the platform after receiving similar bans. There hasn’t been any news of his Twitch partnership being revoked or subscriptions being refunded, the telltale signs of a permanent ban.

Because Twitch is inconsistent with ban durations, it’s uncertain how long it’ll take for Boogie to return to the streaming platform. While some streamers get banned for months without any sign of the ban getting lifted, others get unbanned in a single day.

It doesn’t seem like Boogie2988 is too worried about his ban. He has started making jokes about the situation while advertising his OnlyFans on X.

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