Hanwha Life are the best argument against double elimination we’ve ever seen

Is the current Worlds format perfect?

No, of course it isn't. BO1s are a bit annoying (even if you play six of them) and your whole year being based on that isn't great. I'd rather see some BO3s trialed or even some way of getting more international BO5s. That'd be dope.

But man do I not want to watch HLE stink up another playoff game. This team is horrible. A crap group with the ghost of fnatic and PSG Talon without Doggo left Chovy's team in the playoffs, where they were promptly obliterated by T1.

Now, imagine we had to watch them again.

This team would not win Worlds with another go. They wouldn't beat anyone, and a performance like that in a BO5 is embarrassing. Not a single person would want to watch them again at this Worlds.

And yet, that's what double elimination would give us. Yeah, more international BO5s and cool underdog stories from the lower bracket; but they're rubbish international BO5s. Even if HLE had missed out, we'd have seen a dying fnatic team bleed out twice in playoffs. There's never eight good teams, and losing one or two good ones early is better than having to watch Morgan grief another BO5.

Nobody ever complains that the Champions League is single elimination. You're either clutch, or you ain't. Even in previous years, nobody could convince me that Faker would have been stopped in his march for the title, and Damwon were completely unstoppable last time out. The winner will be the most clutch, the team who handles pressure the best; not necessarily the best team.

And that's fine. That's how competition works.

Sorry, Chovy. Not even you can make this team watchable.

Double elimination would be nice when a fan fave goes out early. It'd be cool to see EU and NA a few more times as we prolong the suffering. Hell, it'd be nice for Damwon to have a second chance from the lower bracket at this Worlds after they lose to MAD Lions. But none of that is more positive than watching Willer pick Olaf and Xin Zhao and lose the early game is negative.

And if you're upset that you don't get to win Worlds after losing a quarter-final, the fix is simple.

Don't lose a f*cking quarter-final.