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Credit: Starladder - ESL

Group C in the ESL Pro League is playing out as you would expect a group of EPL to play out.

Favorites Team Liquid is battling somewhat surprisingly with Movistar Riders for who will finish atop the group. At the same time, Players and BIG have to scramble to make the top 3 after dropping the ball in the opening series.

Today those teams will face off, with a playoff spot on the line.

A painful loss

Image: ESL

Yesterday’s loss against Movistar Riders was significant for Players. While the Spaniards deserve all the credit for the way they played, Players hampered their ambitions in the group.

Group C should have been a walk in the park for them, a chance to show that they are truly elite.

By losing their second series, they now can’t afford any mishaps.

Winning the group is not out of the picture yet, as we have seen that all group winners thus far lost a map.

The main problem is that the two biggest challenges on paper, BIG and Team Liquid, are yet to face the Russians.

A loss against BIG today would throw Players in a small crisis and bring them on the verge of elimination.

A victory could see them recover and keep the dream of winning the group alive.

Growing pains

Image: ESL

BIG entered the competition fresh of a roster change. Bringing in young rookie Karim “Krimbo” Moussa was a gamble, but management felt it had to take to reach the next level.

While his opening series against Liquid was rough, to say the least, he had a promising game against the Party Astronauts.

If it weren’t for in-game leader Johannes “tabseN” Wodarz having an incredible day, the young German would have top fragged for his new team.

While Party Astronauts are the weakest team in the group, his performance is a good sign, and BIG will need him to keep up his form if they want to stay in contention for the playoff spots.

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