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“Guys from Fortnite” all over the Super Bowl – dead meme alert


We were already entering “dead meme” territory, and the Super Bowl made sure to piss on its grave.

It was a good run. The “guy from Fortnite” boys were in some of the biggest movies of 2021. Now, it’s time to let go.

“The guy from Fortnite” is officially dead, and the NFL YouTube account delivered the finishing blow.


You can watch the video here, if you want. I’d love to embed it for you, but the NFL doesn’t understand how viewership and shares work, so they block embeds. Sick.

Side note – I know that the Rock is an American icon, but I’m getting a bit sick of him.

He’s EVERYWHERE and is giving his opinion about a lot of unnecessary topics these days. Although, I stan Rogies. 

Back to the dead meme talk – I counted 108 Fortnite guys, last night.

That’s 53 players on each NFL roster, The Rock, and Anderson Paak playing drums for Eminem (pretty cool Easter egg, btw. He just played drums and they never mentioned it).


So, ya – that’s my thesus: the “Fortnite guy” meme is dead.

Fortnite has too many celebs and is too mainstream for this meme to stay alive.

RIP in peace: 2019-2022.

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