Guild win 2-0 against G2 to move to LCQ Grand Finals

Guild had a tough run through the LCQ and VCT on the whole. Today, though, they were on another level.

Not only did Guild stomp Futbolist, as many expected them to, they went 2-0 against G2, one of the favorites to win the LCQ.

Riot Games

Bind: Guild 13 - G2 9

This is already the best matchup of the day, with both teams playing a strong defensive side with very few cracks.

AvovA, the Astra fragger, wasn't enough to stave-off Leo and Guild, who broke through a few more times than G2 was able to.

Haven: Guild 13 - G2 11

It looked like Guild was ready to ride the momentum into the Grand Finals right away, but G2 was able to battle back and make it a competitive map.

The early lead was too much to overcome, though. Guild staved off the comeback, going 4-0 in their two matches, today.