The leaks are real!

GTA 6 Leaks are real- Here’s everything we know so far

  • The GTA 6 leaks have been confirmed by Jason Schreier.
  • The game will have the first female protagonist in the series, alongside a male one.
  • GTA 6 will take place in Vice City.
  • Will it release in old-gen consoles?
  • Possible new features.
  • What to expect.

Grand Theft Auto 6, the sequel to the best-selling game which was released back in 2013, was the target of a massive leak before even being officially announced.

90 videos have been posted on Reddit, spanning from mid-2021 to last week. They span from very early footage testing basic animations, to more complete gameplay sequences in the open world. The leak has been recently confirmed by Jason Schreier on Twitter.

We’ve compiled the most relevant videos and the information they appear to give. Take a look.

GTA 6 has two protagonists

The Bonnie and Clyde theory from Bloomberg’s article has been essentially confirmed. Multiple clips show both protagonists (Jason and Lucia) together, apparently on quests.

One of the clips shows the duo robbing a diner before being chased by the police:

Diner Robbery

Another shows what feels like the start of a classic GTA questline inside a strip clup:

Both protagonists inside the Strip Club

It seems that Rockstar are following their GTA V approach with players having a choice on which protagonist they want to play as. Although, there is a major difference in the fact that this is the first game in the series with a female protagonist.

The character swapping system seems identical to the one present in GTA V, as seen in this clip:

Screenshot of the clip which showed the character swapping

This is still extremely early on in development, so a lot of things are subject to change. Remember, the game hasn’t even been officially announced yet, so a lot of what we see here might not make it to the final product.

GTA 6 Setting

The rumored setting being Vice City (Miami) has apparently been confirmed too. The most evident confirmation is this clip showing the Vice City Metro:

Vice City Metro

GTA 6 will likely be much bigger than the previous game in the series, akin to what Red Redemption 2 was to RDR 1, so even if Vice City is a setting we’ve seen, it won’t be that simple.

It is also interesting to note that the police cars shown in the leaks have “Port Gellhorn” written on the sides. Most GTA V cars just had “Police” written on them, but the ones with more info had some sort of LSPD (Los Santos Police Department) text. Is the open world large enough to have multiple police departments?

Port Gellhorn Police

The UI shown in this clip also seems very similar to the one present GTA V, with the ammo and wanted meter being identical.

Other GTA 6 details shown

The most surprising leak so far has been this one:

Ps4 release?

This short clip ends in the PS4 home screen, hinting at a possible old-gen release. But hopefully it won’t be the same disaster that we saw regarding Cyberpunk’s release.

Rockstar managed to make a game as impressive as Red Dead Redemption 2 work on Ps4 and Xbox One, so they’ve at least got the track record on their side.

The leak included some videos showing new animations which hint at possible new features. Here’s a clip with the male protagonist apparently using his rifle to block gunfire:

Blocking shots with your own rifle?

This GTA 6 clip shows a very impressive context animation with the male protagonist shoving a box aside while crawling:

Shoving box aside

Can Rockstar really make animations as specific as this one work in a gigantic GTA open world?

Finally, we were blessed with a classic GTA dialogue between two NPCs, which is as crazy as we’ve come to expect:

NPC conversation

What to expect

This confirmed GTA 6 leak is one of the most critical we’ve ever witnessed. The next Rockstar title is one of the most anticipated games in the world, following a ridiculously profitable title in GTA V and a critically acclaimed success in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Expectations are absolutely through the roof and, although we all know GTA VI was on the horizon, a leak of this caliber coming out before the game is even officially announced will surely change Rockstar’s plans going forward.

An official announcement might be coming sooner than planned to react to this mess, and we’ll very likely see a lot if not almost all of these clips disappearing from the internet soon.

As we’ve said before, even with the leak being legitimate, this is so early on in development that a lot of features are subject to change, so do not take most things here for granted.

All in all, it is ultimately good news to have some solid confirmation that Rockstar isn’t just living off of the money-making machine that is GTA V online. GTA 6 is coming!

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