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GTA 6 IMDb listing reportedly confirms female protagonist

Grand Theft Auto VI has been under development for a while, and there has been no shortage of leaks, rumors ,and theories surrounding the game’s plot and characters.

Recently, a new GTA 6 IMDb listing suggests that the female protagonist might be voiced by Alexandra Echavarri. It also shows that the launch of GTA 6 is expected in 2025.

There has been no official confirmation from Rockstar Games, and the listing, which appeared on both the actress’ as well as GTA 6 IMDb pages have since been removed. It is unknown whether Echavarri herself made the listing, or if someone else could’ve edited her public page.

IMDB listing for GTA VI
Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games plagued by security issues

As recently as last week, a massive security breach led by a group of hackers leaked over 90 videos of footage of the game development, as well as test points, game mechanics ,and the source code.

It’s been pretty much confirmed that the game’s main characters will be a Bonnie and Clyde-inspired couple, Joshua and Lucia.

According to the leaked footage, we will also see a return to Vice City, the setting of the wildly popular Grand Theft Auto: Vice City that was released back in 2002.

What a female protagonist means for GTA

Technically, this isn’t the first time the GTA series will feature a female protagonist. The original game from 1997 featured eight playable characters you could choose from, four of whom were women. Of course, this was only for PC, so it isn’t very widely known.

The four female protagonists weren’t included in the PlayStation port because of VRAM issues. Visual Sciences programmer Russel Kay explained that the reason why the female protagonists weren’t in the PlayStation version of the game is due to VRAM issues.

If Echavarri is confirmed as the narrator for the game’s female protagonist, the inclusion of a woman of color into the main plot of the game means a big step toward inclusivity for Rockstar Games. Echavarri is known for her lead role in movies like Soaky Sandra, The Red Sweater, and Breaking the Silence.

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