Sorry for the clickbait title – but we didn’t want to spoil it for you.

Pentanet.GG pull out the Karthus jungle and eliminate Unicorns of Love to take Oceania to the playoffs for the first time at an international event.

This guy Karthus ults your girlfriend/boyfriend, wyd?

Pentanet win the marathon

In a gruelling day of six games in one group, we saw RNG complete the 8-0 – who gives a f… iddlesticks – before we saw the Australian heroes vs UoL in the final game of the day to decide who goes through.

In what was essentially a game five against UoL, it was once again Praedyth and Pabu who rose to the top and dragged Oceania into the playoffs. 

This is a massive win for a region who had been ravaged by the LCS and lost so many players – to make it all the way to the playoffs is superb for them. It might be because of the smaller group, sure – but they had to beat UoL in a BO5, which is no easy feat.

“You can take the players, but you can’t take the heart”

CaptainFlowers, as the nexus exploded

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