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Raising concerns

Gorgc questions Team Luna’s region hopping from Russia to WEU

Gorgc has raised concerns over Team Luna’s participation in DPC Western Europe Div II Closed qualifiers.
Gorgc, currently playing for Team Bald Reborn, will be competing in the finals for the closed qualifier finals for the WEU Div II slot.

Bald Reborn will be up against Team Luna in the finals, but there’s a catch: Team Luna is apparently “region hopping”.

According to him, all five players from Team Luna are of Russian origin, with most of them having competed in the DPC EEU up until now.

The concern comes in regards to Valve’s stringent policy of disallowing teamsto switch regions on a temporary basis to compete in another regional league.

Photo: Gorgc/Twitter

Gorgc expresses his sympathy towards the current instability in the CIS region due to the ongoing Russo-Ukraine war.

But at the same time questions the move.

The upcoming DPC WEU Closed Qualifier finals is the only spot that “fights for the upcoming TI Qualifier in a few months”.

‘How would the situation be if the qualifying team was lets say VP and they won the single european qualifying slot?”, says Gorgc.

The situation is as tricky as it gets and the solution, while seemingly easy in hindsight, is difficult in reality.
Henceforth, all eyes will lean towards the organizers to come to a respectable decision.

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