GGS handles C9

Golden Guardians smack lacklustre Cloud9 on second day of LCS

After a terrible showing on the first day, Golden Guardians hit back with a shock win over Cloud9.

It was Licorice who finally shed his demons and beat Cloud9, flashing forward on Kayle to DPS the team down in a particularly chad move.

Pick ranged toplaner. Flash into enemy team without ult. Carry the fight. Refuse to elaborate.


Cloud9 falter again

Cloud9 don’t have their full roster, but the return of Jensen with Fudge going back to the toplane could not have started worse.

A loss to EG is not worth crying over, but GGS looked awful in defeat to FlyQuest and they still handily beat Cloud9.

Perhaps Zven coming into the support role is going to reinvigorate the whole team, or Cloud9 might be doomed to mediocrity once more.

One team who won’t be suffering such a fate is Team Liquid, who completely rolled over Team Dignitas.


Bwipo picked Mordekaiser into the only champion who has cleanse on a basic ability, and still hard won. Dignitas are now 0-2, and don’t look like they are even close to winning a game.

Speaking of which…

TSM FTX. If you thought TSM’s banter era was over after the horrors of last split, think again. If you thought they had already hit rock bottom, think again.

This time around they lost to their old enemies CLG, in what is probably a symbolic result. TSM fall to 0-2 and looked outclassed by the team who have been a running joke for years.


To give CLG some credit, though, they once more looked strong with the Seraphine in the botlane. Whether this is something that they’re just good at, or they’re ahead of the meta, time will tell; but in the LCS it looks dominant. 

This time it was paired with a fasting Senna for a disgusting amount of sustain, denying Viego too many resets.

Full healing comps in a region where everyone ARAMs might be quite powerful.

Jojopyun was solokilled in lane by Abbedagge’s Ahri, but due to the dominance of Inspired on his signature Viego and Danny popping off again, he was able to scale up and still be a useful member of the team.

100 Thieves picked their typical teamcomp, played their typical style and lost in predictable fashion – they have one gameplan, and when it fails, that’s them done.

The final game of the night was FlyQuest vs Immortals, and as soon as Immortals took a couple of bad fights and let toucouille get ahead, they were never going to get back into it.

Immortals look toothless, and doomed to another disappointing split. Is what I would have said if I’d written this at any point before an absolute gigathrow around Baron.

FlyQuest genuinely lost a game that they had no right to lose, and let IMT back in – and they ended two teamfights later. What?

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