GODSENT make playoffs on Day 2 of IEM Winter

GODSENT edged past BIG to shock the rest of Group B and move into the playoffs through the Upper Bracket.

A reverse sweep after losing map one saw the Brazilians overpower BIG with their firepower and step into the big boy stages at IEM Winter.

Teenager dumau took the headlines with a stellar performance on the AWP, while it's nice to see the familiar face of TACO back in the big time.

NiP compound OG's misery

It was another disappointing performance for OG who fell at the hands of device to drop out unceremoniously from IEM Winter.

Despite valde's best efforts, OG couldn't muster up anything on their T side of Nuke and picked up just two rounds on their way to the exit door.

Remember when it was easy?

VP cut Gambit down to size with their new recruit FL1T got plenty of practice in in their two maps against Gambit, playing a total of 64 rounds, but winning just enough to win both.

A strong team performance all round was topped off by Jame picking up a +23 scoreline - a stark contrast to sh1ro's disappointing 32-43.

YEKINDAR was his typical aggressive, mischievous self while FL1T slotted in and showed himself to be an extremely valuable asset as the kings of the online world felt the pain back in person.


Liquid beat Astralis for the first time since 2019 to bring the Danes' honeymoon period crashing down to Earth - in whatever the opposite of a honeymoon period is for the NA team. Turns out Grim and FalleN are actually pretty solid players with the handbrake off.

The UK CS train is not stopping (even if it's comparatively very expensive to the rest of Europe), as fnatic picked off another victim. ENCE were powerless to resist the smooya/Brollan/mezii Cerberus and fell in two maps.

FaZe slashed the Heroic hopes in two as they 2-0'd the Danes to kick them out ignominiously, leaving Heroic in a weird spot going in to 2022.