Some confusion over God of War Ragnarok’s delay arose yesterday after a series of tweets left fans of the series baffled.

The rumors were that the game’s release date would be revealed today, June 30, through a PlayStation blog post.

But a tweet from Cory Barlog led many to believe that the highly anticipated sequel was delayed, rather than the announcement was not happening.

God of War Ragnarok delay rumors

I can see why someone might read the above tweet and assume it means God of War Ragnarok is delayed.

Asking for patience when discussing a game usually implies one is coming. I do think people were jumping the gun a tad, though.

And it turns out they were. Yesterday, Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier tweeted that the release date would get announced on June 30th.

Barlog’s tweet merely meant it was no longer happening. Not that the game is delayed.

Barlog confirmed this himself. Replying to Twitter user aaron2588, aka the gamer 1988, he said “because its not.

It came in response to aaron2588’s mini-rant about wanting to know whether the game was delayed or not so they could plan the rest of their year.

So, to sum up, God of War Ragnarok is apparently not delayed, but the release date announcement is.

We’ll keep you posted when we learn more about this hotly anticipaded game.

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