Credit: Michal Konkol/Riot Games

Glory be to Hylissang: Takeaways from Fnatic’s 3-1 victory over G2 Esports

Fnatic and G2 Esports left it all on Summoner’s Rift, but only one of them came to play. The other: not so much.

Our two writers had diverging expectations: Yohan Markov saw the 3-1 outcome from miles away, whereas Adel Chouadria could only lament G2 Esports’ no-show as they were far from his 3-2 prediction.

Nevertheless, they both agreed: Fnatic was convincing for the most part. As we gather their thoughts about the series, we take a moment to reflect on what was, and what could have been:

Yohan’s takeaways:

  • This is what peak Humanoid looks like and he comes from Europe. Or should we call him Leblancoid? He has established himself as the best mid laner in Europe, and he proved it today. Humanoid’s control of the game and his flanking were the difference makers in today’s series. And that is saying nothing of that escape.
  • While Fnatic was cleaner than G2 in the team fights, they did struggle in the early games—enough for Rogue to rub their hands after watching the series. They will have to step up their game when facing Rogue, but there is enough time for that.
  • At times, the series was a complete fiesta. Both teams were constantly fighting on the map and at some point, we had a five versus five fight up top, which occurred during the fifth minute. I repeat: 5:00.
  • One thing I have to question is G2 deciding to play around their rookies. You have experienced players like Jankos and Caps; why would you make them play champions like Trundle and Karma?
  • Braum was another difference maker for me in the series, and the team that picked the champion ended up winning the game. 
  • The final difference maker? Zylissang! How do you fix a Fnatic team that dies too much? You pick Zilean.

Adel chimes in:

  • Although Fnatic’s early-game was spotty at times, they were extremely clean otherwise—raising European hopes for solid representation at MSI against teams not named T1 (that would be an unfair expectation).
  • In a clash between kings and legacies and whatever narratives casters will slap upon Fnatic vs. G2, drafts stole the show. Spicy picks defined the series as they threw off preparation on either side, and Fnatic was far better at that game than G2.
  • For all their mechanical prowess, G2’s teamfighting is disastrous and far too scatterbrained. But that is to be expected from an overly eager team. Inexperience was not their doom; lack of structure was. G2’s problems are an amalgamation of little things that cause them to rush into danger.
  • Someone give the MVP award to Hylissang already. What can the man not play? Renata, Braum, Zilean, even the threat of a Pyke pick and other devastating picks loomed on the horizon. His Renata Glasc pairing with Razork’s Viego was a feast for the eyes: give it a chef’s kiss.
  • For once in his lifetime, Upset had plenty of room to operate. Gone are the days when he was the primary focus of enemy bans during the draft, and of enemy dives in-game: Fnatic are too well-rounded for such tactics to work, and Upset is free to unleash his mechanics and style upon people left and right.