Credit: Riot Games

Fnatic have had an up-and-down run in Valorant since the inception of the esport, but have remained near the top of the international heap for more of their history.

After a two-and-out performance at VCT Masters 1, Fnatic have made some significant changes to their roster, adding Enzo and Alfajer to replace BraveAF and Magnum.

Enzo is already familiar with Fnatic, as he played with the team on loan from Alliance. Although the team results weren’t there, Enzo was one of the better statistical players on Fnatic during Masters 1.

Alfajer is a rising star in Turkish Valorant, getting his first chance to break into the tier-one scene with this Fnatic signing.

The new look Fnatic roster now has a full VCT season to their develop chemistry and strats.

Hopefully for Fnatic fans, this additional time and new teammates will be enough to bring Fnatic back to where they once were in the next Masters.

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