GFuel Twitter account hacked by…. Ninja?

Twitter hacks happen, and they're no laughing matter.

Most of the time, the hacker will change everything associated with the profile and claim the account as the hacker collective. It's strange to see one hacker dedicated to a meme.

Well, that's what we have, today. The official GFuel Twitter account was hacked. Instead of plugging their own accounts, the hacker decided to push a bunch of Ninja graphics to the timeline.

Like I said, these hackers usually promote their own pages.... unless....

Ninja? Is that you?

We all know that Ninja's career took a bit of a relevancy hit when he moved to Mixer, but he doesn't need to go so far as to hack the Twitter accounts of his sponsors.

I mean, seriously. Ninja's back on Fortnite and has 15,000 viewers at the time of writing. Did he really need to go this far? I don't think so.

Do you agree with Ninja's explicit move to personally hack the GFuel Twitter account? Let us know in the comments.