Credit: PGL

A new smoke bug has been discovered and used at the PGL Antwerp Major. The bug, used by Ilya “mONESY” Osipov in G’s matches against Imperial and NAVI, allows players to create a one-way smoke.

Following the conclusion of the first day of the Legends Stage, a clip began surfacing on social media. In the clip, mONESY uses the second smoke in window on Mirage, which creates a bug and allows him to see mid.

After several pro players and community figures called for attention, mONESY explained that they had checked the use of the smoke with tournament admins and were given permission to use it.

At the time of writing, it is unclear whether PGL will change their previous ruling, but it seems unlikely they can go on without addressing the bug.


PGL has since come out with a statement, greenlighting the use of the bug for the rest of the tournament. There might still be a scenario where teams agree independently to not use the smoke.

Not the first bug to haunt a Major

This bug is not the first time a game-breaking mechanic has been discovered in the midst of a Major. In 2017, BIG notoriously used a jumping glitch at the PGL Krakow Major. They are still occasionally called ‘BUG Clan’ over this incident.

At the time, the teams had to enter a gentlemen’s agreement not to abuse the bug during the event’s playoffs.

And of course, we all remember the infamous olofboost. While not exactly a bug, the boost led to the organizers stepping in and forcing the teams to replay the match, before Fnatic decided to forfeit the game.

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