Gambit win the battle of the CIS region

Gambit solidified their place at the top of both the CIS region and the world by completing a statement victory over their regional rivals NaVi.

There's essentially no way to argue that this team isn't far and away the best team in the world - but if this continues into LAN... we might have a potential GOAT on our hands.

Don't say it too loud though.

Are NaVi just bad now? Sadge 🙁

Nah, they're not bad - everyone loses to Gambit from time to time. 

s1mple is still an absolute monster, and it was his performance on Ancient that won NaVi map two, but a more invisible performance on the deciding map was the factor that swung it so heavily in Gambit's favour.

Great teams have, and will continue, to fall in Gambit's wake.