Gambit reverse sweep NiP while Liquid eliminate mouz in a marathon game

Turns out sh1ro can play on LAN.

The teenager went +24 in the series against device’s NiP to dispel any rumours that he might be an onliner. 

It must be said though, he had plenty to think HObbit and Ax1le for, who both had excellent games of their own, and ended up outdamaging him – even if they didn’t pick up the same k/d ratio.

device’s struggles

Though sh1ro proved he was ready for the return of LAN, it did come at the expense of the $1m man.

device picked up just 32 kills to sh1ro’s 51, instead dying 51 times, with only new boy LNZ and nafany doing less damage over the series. Now, I’m not about to call device an onliner, but… he very much got shut down by the best team in the world.

NA vs EU

Liquid vs mouz was a story of monster clutches, with Liquid consistently seeming to win crazy clutches to stay in the game.

In fact, map three ended up in overtime in part due to the heroics of Grim.

But in overtime, the game felt like it was never going to end – until eventually, Liquid won it in overtime four. Yeah, four. It was an absolutely insane game, and the emotions of everyone involved, and even those not involved, was in tatters. 

Liquid survive, and mousesports end up going out first. That’s testament to how stacked this tournament is.