Credit: Gambit

Gambit lock-in semifinal spot, send FURIA home from PGL Major

Despite the Brazilian fanbase showing up in droves, FURIA’s run at the PGL Stockholm Major ended in the quarterfinals. They fell short against Gambit, who beat them 2-0.

FURIA was one of the more surprising teams to reach the playoffs in Stockholm. They opted into Inferno as their map pick, but this choice didn’t pay off.  The first few rounds went back-and-forth, but Gambit and sh1ro in particular took over control later into the half.

A 9-6 score in favor of the Russians displayed the level both teams were playing on. Gambit looked set to close out the series with relative ease, reaching map point with a 15-11 lead. But a successful force buy from the Brazilians swung the momentum, and FURIA tied up the score at 15.

Gambit fell behind in overtime, but clawed their way back, eventually closing out the map at 19-17.

Sh1ro and hobbit shine on Overpass

The second map being Overpass was a huge advantage for Gambit, as their opponent rarely played on the map. Gambit showed their agency in the Berlin sewers, never allowing FURIA to build any kind of economic bank on the CT side. Once it was their turn to defend the sites, they closed it out with a 16-10 score.

Gambit has now secured a semifinal against the winner of the match between  Na’Vi and Vitality, which will be played later today.