Gambit have now won their last ten maps in a row – but they were made to sweat against EG.

It was a close one on Inferno that went to 42 rounds – but as they always do, Gambit closed it out when the pressure was on. 

Dust 2, however, was more clinical from the Russians, with nafany leading from the front to come back from a half time deficit.

What’s up with EG?

Are EG good? I have no idea. You should ask Jaxon about that. He knows everything.

They looked pretty horrible until IEM Summer, where they appeared to have turned everything around – until they got obliterated by OG, and then flopped in the playoffs again. 

They once again started well, but ran out of gas. A great performance on map one was followed by an electric start on Dust 2, but getting just two T rounds on those dusty streets is just not good enough.

Gambit, though. They’re pretty good. Like, really, really good.