Credit: Riot Games

Gambit goners: will compete in VCT as independent team

Russia's invasion of Ukraine continues to have global consequences, with esports teams being a casualty of their government's decisions.

Multiple tournament organizers have barred Russian teams and/or players from competing in their events.

BLAST prevented Russian teams from competing in Premier, and Fortnite recently prevented Russian players from competing for cash prizes.

Valorant had to postpone their EMEA qualifiers while they worked on a solution, which seems to have just been settled, today.

One of Valorant's top professional teams, Gambit, will be forced to disband and compete under an independent banner.

The team - listed as M3 Champions on VLR - are still Gambit without the backing of the org.

In my opinion, they should pull a Prince and change their indie name to a symbol, so everyone has to continue to call them Gambit.

Another messy situation for Russian pro gamers that probably won't clear up anytime soon.