OG’s impressive run was brought to an abrupt halt by a dominant Gambit Esports.

Ax1le led the line on all three maps, leaving no doubt in anyone’s mind as to who the MVP should be – with Gambit not dropping a map all weekend.

Indisputably the best team in the world

Similarly, no doubt exists about Gambit’s stature, either. This team has been near unstoppable for almost a year now, with no signs of stopping either.

For OG, it’s another heroic failure. Another disappointing finish to an encouraging start.

They were close to toppling Gambit on Mirage, but the Russians pulled off a force-buy win in round 30 to secure a breathtaking map, that appeared to set up a great final.

But even after OG skipped into a 8-2 lead on the CT side of Dust 2, they were unable to hold back the tide of Gambit who took 14 of the next 17 maps to win in regulation.

OG needed Overpass to make it a real Grand Final, but they fell flat, dropping nine rounds on their CT side and winning just one on the offence.

Gambit are your IEM Summer champions.