Maybe Jaxon was on to something when he said that device to NiP wouldn’t be a massive success…

G2’s Kovacs combined for 146 kills over three maps to cut the Swedes down to size – with LNZ being tasked with trying to drag NiP over the line.

$1m KEKW

It was potentially the least likely member of NiP to take the reigns and take over on Nuke, as LNZ dropped a 100 ADR game to carry NiP to their one map victory.

But on the decider it went all the way to OT after a mini-comeback from NiP, but huNter- was just too hot to handle and G2 showed their prowess in those extra rounds.

G2 are now guaranteed top three, and will play NaVi tomorrow for a chance at taking down Gambit in the final.

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