G2 vs Vitality is the last close match left of the LEC playoffs

Deny it all you want, Rogue believers, Misfits-mad mates and G2 copium inhalers. 

fnatic are winning it all, and quite easily at that.

The only team that can stop them is Hylissang, and unless he trips over his own feet, they're going to body Rogue - probably twice - en route to MSI.

B-b-but Malrang 🙁

"I would like to thank my jungler for, once again, allowing me to vibe in midlane for the whole game."

Rogue's one style that has had success for them has been Malrang going full Zerg mode and flinging himself at enemy laners until the game ends. Which is cool and all, but you can't out-aggro Hylissang - and Humanoid and Wunder aren't going to get cheesed.

While Larssen can play safe and outscale on his control mages against most mids, you can't simply outclass Humanoid like that. Realistically, the only way Rogue can win is through Malrang cheesing, and that won't work in a BO5.

That said, it will work against G2's bot lane. Comp and Trymbi are so much better than G2's botlane that even G2's botlane have been saying it.

“After playing against the Fnatic and Rogue bot lanes, I feel like Rogue’s is the best.”

Flakked to

Is BrokenBlade going to smash Odoamne more than Trymbi smashes Targamas? 

I don't even need to answer that question.

While G2 are clearly worse than Rogue, Misfits are another tier down. G2 have three good players. Misfits have one. We've already seen HiRit get carved open by a weakside toplaner, what do you think BrokenBlade is going to do?

The only reason to watch that game is to see what the dumbest counter-pick BrokenBlade can come up with and still make HiRit look like a Diamond 3 top laner.

Now Vitality vs G2... that's a well-matched game. Both have volatile, attention-demanding children in the toplane, legendary midlaners who don't look quite as good any more, former MVP junglers and botlanes that try not to int the game too hard before the other players win it.

The team out of these two who figures out either how to play through bot first, or have their support in the top lane the most, is going to win.

That doesn't mean watching the LEC will be pointless; maybe somehow G2's drafts will be so bad that Vetheo can 1v9 against them, or maybe Hylissang will just row it down mid.

I'm just saying that you shouldn't expect anything more than a four game series every time, after this one.