G2 smack NiP down to the lower bracket

G2 make it 2-0 for the day with an incredibly assured victory over NiP.

NiP were made to feel the absence of dev1ce as phzy could only a fraction of the frags m0NESY picked up.

But it was JACKZ who topped the charts for G2 with a stellar performance; the Frenchman was lights out with the rifle from pit and displayed the stunning mechanics which put his name out there in the first place.

G2 era!

G2 have been very convincing in both of their wins today and signs are looking great for them; though it was not the hardest test. 

Complexity are skilled but didn't look like they had amazing depth on their Nuke and NiP, firepower-wise, were never going to be able to live with the names on G2.

That said, there's very little to suggest this team won't be good, and quickly assuaged fears that this superteam might not work straight out of the gate.