Credit: BLAST Premier

Done deal

G2 sign Aleksib and XQTZZZ, nexa joins OG

G2 esports has announced the addition of Aleksib and coach XQTZZZ to their starting lineup. The Finnish in-game leader joins from OG. He will be replacing nexa, who joins OG as part of a trade deal.

The transfer was initially reported following G2’s second-place finish in the PGL Stockholm Major. The team, unsatisfied with the result, replaced AWPer AMANEK with mONESY and has now announced a change in the leadership position.

Aleksib rose to prominence with ENCE as the then Finnish lineup reached the grand final of the 2019 Katowice Major. Later that year, he was removed from the lineup and joined OG as the organization entered CS:GO.

For nexa, the move marks the end of a 2-year stint with G2. Despite only winning the Champions Cup Finals in 2019 during his tenure, he led them to grand finals at IEM Cologne, Katowice, and the PGL Stockholm Major.

XQTZZZ joins after being removed from the coaching position at Vitality at the end of last year. It will be the first international project for the Frenchman.