Credit: Photo: ESL

G2 lock in a spot in final after close victory against Astralis

G2 Esports has locked in a spot in the grand final of IEM Cologne. The international roster managed to topple Astralis in a very competitive game.

The action kicked off on Nuke, and G2 was keen to erase its traumatic experiences on the map against Astralis. Spearheaded by an impressive performance from AmaNEK, the squad succeeded in doing so. Thanks to an unbeatable CT-side, the French-Balkan team won Astralis’ map pick in 16-6 fashion.

The second map of the series was a closer affair. Astralis’ new AWP setup, with dupreeh and gla1ve splitting responsibilities, has been surprisingly strong on the map. With the AWPers firing on all cylinders, and the other players on the team chiming in as well, Astralis managed to close out the map with a 16-12 scoreline.

All the good series end on Inferno, and so did this one. The ultimate decider map delivered once again, as we saw all thirty maps of regulation.

But eventually, G2 was just too strong to handle. It wasn’t convincing, but they dragged a victory across the line. Some might call it champions luck. But it’s too soon to insinuate that G2 will win the event. They still have to face either Na’Vi or FaZe Clan in the final tomorrow.

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