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G2 Esports will be Gambit’s opponent in Group A’s upper bracket final at IEM Cologne. The nexa lead squad beat hometown favorites G2 in a close 2-1 fashion.

Despite being considered the underdogs, BIG impressed on their map pick, Dust II. The Germans seemed one step ahead of their opponents and turned a lot of unfavorable situations around.

Unfortunately, tabseN and his men were not able to carry on that performance. Moving over to Mirage, they only managed to scrape together one round, losing in what can only be described as a blow-out.

The break between maps was not enough for BIG to reset their minds, and G2 continued to dominate. Inferno was a quick affair, as G2 took in in a 16-4 fashion.

Midnight thriller in elimination game

Thanks to an unlucky set of circumstances and several series going the distance, the match between Complexity and Virtus.pro only got going close to midnight local time. At the time of writing, the game was a tie, with Overpass being the decider. More updates will follow shortly.

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