UNF0RGIVEN masterclass

G2 get rat-a-tat-a-tat’d as UNF0RGIVEN steals the show

MAD Lions took the W after a dominant performance over G2, with UNF0RGIVEN’s Twitch going berserk.

MAD have looked pretty good so far this split, but this is a marquee win they can hang their hat on and be happy with.

UNF0RGIVEN took control of the lane early as he and Kaiser 2v2 killed; and you never want to see a Twitch with early game kills on the enemy team.
Should have been Zyra, smh.

UNF0RGIVEN was going all sneaky sneaky up mid to catch caPs out – but caPs’ Zoe is feared for a reason. Pick that one out.

So, so clean.

However, that might have just meant caPs got complacent. He got caught once again, and this time, no such outplay was available.

UNF0RGIVEN was taking over, but a massive teamfight was going G2’s way as they picked up three kills for two and left Kaiser low – but they dove too far and played straight into the Twitch. Rat-a-tat-a-tat!

G2 were putting up a stonewall defence, and held on for dear life quite a few times. MAD Lions didn’t have real engage, just the pseudo-engage of Swain, or Twitch ‘Everything Black’ing it down midlane and going RATIRL mode.

Fortunately for MAD, Nisqy started off the fight in the jungle.

But that didn’t mean UNF0RGIVEN couldn’t turn the music up and go crazy.

Flashing forward to skewer multiple G2 members; it was a masterclass from the ADC.

THAT’S how you play Twitch.