The samurai have taken down the ninjas, as G2 beat NIP in a convincing 2-o in the quarterfinals of the PGL Stockholm Major.

Despite playing in front of their home crowd, NIP looked shaken in the first half of Inferno. It could have been due to nerves from the less experienced players, but nothing the Ninjas tried seemed to work.

G2, on the other hand, was firing on all cylinders. The Kovac cousins spearheaded them to a 10-1 lead and a 12-3 half. Niko, in particular, showed the strong form we saw glimpses from during Legends, ending the CT-side with a 100% KAST rating.

NIP eventually woke up and made the scoreline look more competitive, but a 1v3 clutch from huNter shut down their hopes, giving G2 the 16-11 victory.

NIP began Mirage in a stronger fashion, winning the pistol and subsequent eco round. But once G2 fielded a buy round, it became clear which team was the strongest today. Niko had another incredible performance, proving that he should be considered in the MVP medal race.

G2 did what they had to, stayed cool under the pressure and played out the map to another 16-11 victory.

G2 will face off against Heroic in the semifinal on Saturday. The roster entered the tournament under scrutiny after weak performances in EPL and the final RMR, but their stock has shot up on LAN

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