Merely days after playing against each other at IEM Winter, G2 and NIP squared off once again. Following a disappointing loss – against a NIP playing with an emergency standing –  in the semifinal on Saturday, G2 took their revenge in the opening game of the BLAST World Finals.

The Ninjas looked solid on their map pick, Nuke. The Swedes ran away with 10 rounds un the traditionally unfavored T-side put them in the ideal position to take the lead in the series. A short but shaky second half followed, resulting in a 16-11 victory for NIP.

G2 fought back on Dust II, and ended up winning the map with the exact same score: 16-11.

Inferno goes all the way

Inferno was once again the decider, but contrary to the IEM Winter match it was G2 coming out on top. They took an early lead, but sloppy executes and mistakes in the second half gave NIP a way back into the game. At 14-14, G2 finally broke NIP’s momentum, winning the final two rounds of the map.

G2 will now be facing the winner of Astralis-Vitality, who face off in the next series of the day. NIP are send down to the loser bracket, where they will meet the loser of that match.