Futbolist upset SMB with 2-1 win, sending them home in LCQ

The lower bracket chugs along with a matchup between SuperMassive Blaze and Futbolist.

SMB were the favorite coming into the game, but Futbolist have massively improved of late, and showed it.

After a messy Split, a pitiful Haven, and a strong Icebox, Futbolist eliminated SMB and moves on to face Guild in the next round. At this point, it's anyone's game.

Riot Games

Split: Futbolist 13 - SMB 8

SMB were the favorite here, but it wasn't a huge surprise to see Futbolist take this one. Split has been a bit messy for some of these teams, and SMB and Futbolist were no exception.

Apart from russ on the Jett, SMB struggled to get things going. Futbolist took the first six rounds and never really looked back.

The SMB eco seemed constantly broken, especially on defense. They never really got anything going, and could be seeing the door if Haven goes like this.

Haven: SMB 13 - Futbolist 8

SMB have been strong on Haven, and their performance against Futbolist was as expected. The map was basically over after SMB held Futbolist to a 8-4 half while the former was defending.

After that, Futbolist was only able to secure the pistol rounds on defense. Relatively easy with for SMB, here.

Icebox: Futbolist 13 - SMB 4

Futbolist absolutely dominated on Icebox, with SMB looking out of sorts. qw1, Futbolist's latest pickup, had been quiet up until now but carried his team throughout this one, posting a massive 26/9/2 K/D/A.

SMB was never a dominant force on Icebox, but this showing was pretty abysmal. Nobody on their team went positive as they couldn't get anything together on attack or defense.